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Jacob Cooper and Steven Bradshaw Commission Greenwood for Short Film

Jacob Cooper and Steven Bradshaw commissioned Devin Greenwood to create an original short film to announce their new recording “Sunrise”, to be released October 15 on Cold Blue Music. The film was created using footage from the 1918 pandemic manipulated through a series of digital and analog processing techniques.

From Cold Blue Music: “Sunrise is an expansive, incandescent, haunting electro-acoustic work jointly composed and performed by Jacob Cooper and Steven Bradshaw. Created during the 2020–21 pandemic, this alluring, kaleidoscopic piece grows into a tsunami of sound while it casts an eye (ear) back 100 years to derive its text from a popular song composed during the 1918 pandemic: “The World Is Waiting for the Sunrise.”
Cooper and Bradshaw constructed Sunrise via the internet—Bradshaw recording vocal melodies and improvisations that Cooper subjected to electronic manipulation. In this fashion—back and forth, again and again—they spent months composing and realizing the music. (In addition to Cooper and Bradshaw, pianist Dynasty Battles, violinist Clara Kim, and flutist Timothy Munro also contribute performances to the work.)”


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