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VAFT - Video Art Festival Turku 2021 to Screen Surface Noise This Summer

The Video Art Festival Turku in Turku Finland has asked to screen "Surface Noise" as part of a special pandemic-year streaming portal. From the festival Facebook page:
"A late summer evening, all your near-and-dear next to you at a location of your choice watching a thought-provoking film screening – what could be better?"

"Festival directors Rose Pietola (VAFT) and Kimmo Sillanmikko (TAFF) have curated the 70-minutes long Portaali-screening featuring video art and animation made using a variety of different techniques and ambiance. Each piece offers the viewer a peak into a new world and a shift in perspective. We wanted to put together a screening that offers an artful escape and a mind-stimulating alternative to all the days spent indoors watching streaming services during the pandemic."


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